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Happy Birthday Bro

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Today is my brother’s birthday. Happy birthday Bro! My brother is in the mortgage business and he has been using a new sales tool I launched a few months ago with huge success. You can read about this tool at
Check it out. The software is very unique and it will triple any sales person’s contact ratio instantly. As you know, sales are a contact sport, the more contact with qualified prospects, the more sales you’ll get. My brother generated 16 short form mortgage leads in only 2 hours of calling. Hot!

My First Blog…

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Thanks for visiting my blog. This is going to be an interesting experience I’m sure.

This blog is an extension of my motto in life and business. My motto has always been,
I’ve done so much, with so little, for so long, that now, I can do anything with nothing.
At this point, I only have a slight idea of what this blog will become. Considering how much time I spend online, it makes sense to me that I should share what I have learned and continue to learn about life and business online. I have had what some might consider, huge successes online. I LOVE THE INTERNET. It has change my life for the better in so many ways. I encourage everyone to become a student of the online world. Heck, I met business partners online, founded and sold a $14 million a year lead generation company (LTW) and best of all, I met the love of my life online and we got married. I always think, wow, I LOVE THE INTERNET. The internet has done so much for me. How much more can the web do for me? Right? Well, this blog, will explore that question. I look forward to the experience.