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2007 Entrepreneur of the Year

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2007 Entrepreneur of the Year

I was honored as the 2007 Entrepreneur of the Year for the SDCHCC in front of 50,000 people at the Chargers vs. Chiefs game in San Diego.

Since September is Hispanic Heritage Month, the San Diego Chargers decided to highlight several community and business leaders today at half-time. We got to go on the field to the fifty yard line and we were each given a signed football. The whole experience was amazing, walking through the tunnel into the stadium was a rush I’ll never forget.

In February I was named as the 2007 Entrepreneur of the Year for the SDCHCC. It just so happen, two months later, I sold my company, Leads to Wealth, Inc. So, the Chargers honored me today based on winning the award in February. It was a pleasant surprise.


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As an avid angler, I often pose a question to the audience when speaking at an event. Consider all the necessary “things” needed for a successful fishing trip. Out of all the “things” necessary when you go fishing, what is the most important above all else?

The most common answers I hear are hooks, bait, fishing pole, fishing line, and even beer. All of these may be necessary for a good fishing trip. However, none of these items will amount to anything without the fish. I’m sure you’ll agree that fish are the single most important “thing” needed when you go fishing. Yes, fish! Consider the obvious. Without them, all the equipment in the world will amount to absolutely nothing. Being a smart and successful angler means you must thoroughly plan ahead before going out. You need to determine who is catching what kind of fish, where the current hot spots are located, and the types of bait that work best.

It has always amazed me how much time and money people will spend on marketing or leads, without first knowing if there are fish (potential customers) in the waters they are targeting.

Once out fishing, you should always keep the fish in the forefront of your mind. You need to adapt and refine your fishing techniques as needed based on the conditions. The approach to marketing and sales is the same and just as obvious. The fish are your target market. You first need to find where your target fish are; then develop and implement a successful plan to target them.

To locate the waters where your fish are found, you’ll first need to find and identify your target market to be able to sell to the right fish. The people most likely to buy your products and services are the ones you need to concentrate your sales efforts on. What types of people may need or benefit from what you have to offer? You’ll need to figure out who your customer is and learn what they want.

Identify the key locations with the highest population of your ideal customers. Be careful not to constrain yourself to too small of an area. It is also necessary at times to take some calculated risk, but do this in a well-informed manner, and always remember to keep your target audience in mind when putting your presentation into the water.

As you find your key audience of customers, begin building your database of the right fish and continue to develop appropriate strategies to bring in newer contacts as well as keep those already found biting at your bait. Be sure to craft the right message and presentation. Just as in fishing when choosing the right bait or lure, you’ll need to deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right customer.

Once you define your products and services, you know your target customer base, and are ready to fish; it’s on to the bait. A wise fisherman said you need a line with several hooks so as to catch the largest amount of fish possible. Individual fish are tempted to bite at different types of hooks and bait. To bait as many customers as possible, you’ll need to have several marketing hooks to pull them in. Each avenue will bring in more people and in turn create more sales. You should have as many types of advertising, marketing, and promotional tools as possible specific to your particular needs.

Be sure to create your own unique sales edge that will give you your own advantage in the market. You should have and follow a specific sales and marketing plan that is reviewed on a regular basis for effectiveness that you can adapt accordingly. There is always room for improvement, as sales are an organic cycle in constant change. For optimum success, it is mandatory to evaluate your results and keep up with the ebb and flow of changing market trends.

Follow this model, and you’ll start catching fish and be able to continue to catch plenty of fish. The more tuned in you are to the fish, where they are located, and how to target them and keep them hooked, the more successful and prosperous your business endeavors will be.

Gil Ortega

My Own Private Idaho

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When you think of world internet marketing hubs, you normally don’t think of Boise Idaho. Well, think again, cause for three days in September, Boise Idaho, or rather Russell Brunson of Boise Idaho, produced a seminar that attracted many great internet marketers. On September 6th – 8th I attended this seminar, which was my first internet marketing seminar ever. Please keep in mind, I don’t mean it was my first internet marketing seminar in this particular Idaho location, I mean, I’ve never been to an internet marketing seminar anywhere. You might think I’ve gone to these types of events for some time now if you know about my internet marketing background or if you know of Leads to Wealth, the lead generation company I founded. Well, it’s not the case, I’m a total internet marketing seminar newbie. I must say, I had a great experience at this event. There were several attendees that had been to other events, who told me this particular event was full of substance and not just a pitch fest like so many other seminars.

The cool thing was, I didn’t pay to attend the event, it was totally FREE. In later posts, I’ll talk about my experience at this event. For now, I’d like to focus this post on a great strategy which was used to sell the home study course I purchased called The 7 Figure Code and the way I ended up in Boise Idaho.

In early July, a week before the launch of The 7 Figure Code, by Mike Filsaime, I got several emails from various marketers telling me about The 7 Figure Code, and asking me to buy it from their affiliate link. The 7 Figure Code is a 16 DVD set of a live seminar that people paid $5000 to attend.

Then, I got this one short email from this guy Russell Brunson stating in simple terms, “I’m selling my business” along with a very short explanation of how successful he has been with his business and a link pointing to his blog for the rest of the offer/story. This is the link to his blog with the offer/story;
(Click to Read)

After reading this I was compelled to make an effort to be one of the 20 buyers at midnight. My thought process was like many, I’m thinking this kid is hitting a home run on the internet and he is giving away not selling, his total business blueprint, his complete vendor list and multiple days worth of private, in person, one to one meeting time with all of his staff in Idaho… OK SIGN ME UP! All I had to do was buy a 16 DVD home study course for $450, buy a $150 plane ticket with an $80 a night hotel stay. In my opinion this was a easy decision. Even before I got Russell’s offer, I was considering the purchase from another affiliate marketer with a less attractive offer. My biggest concern was that I would not be one of the first 20 buyers or that my schedule would conflict with the date in Idaho.

I was successful in buying The 7 Figure Code. Although, it was more than few days before I received an email from Russell Brunson’s office. They said there was a larger turn out at midnight than expected. Apparently, Russell was going to open the offer to more than 20 people. He was asking each of the 20+ buyers to confirm their attendance in Idaho by sending into his office their flight itinerary within a certain cut off date. This strategy gave Russell a solid idea of how many attendees he would have in Boise Idaho. From this point, he went into overdrive planning and booking the event. As it turned out, there were around 80-100 people at this event. I heard Russell sold somewhere in the neighborhood of 250 home study courses of The 7 Figure Code. The standard 50% commission for affiliates is what I’m guessing he brought in. You do the math. Now keep in mind, even though this wasn’t a pitch fest, you can bet there was product being sold after each guru spoke. And you can bet Russell was getting a piece of the action, cause that’s how it works. (Yes, I love the idea too) I’ll talk about the guru line-up in future posts. This whole scenario keeps getting better and better. First of all, The 7 Figure Code set of 16 DVDs is a solid product and totally worth the money on it’s own. Russell made a good move promoting it and made some good cash. The successful FREE seminar also made Russell look good within the industry, established significant goodwill and created multiple profit centers. The seminar was also video taped and I’m sure it will be packaged as a home study course in the near future. Once again, creating another opportunity for multiple profit centers. I must say, my first internet marketing seminar was extremely eye opening. I met so many good people and I truly look forward to future events. Way to go Russell, Thanks.

The Official MySpace Rick Bliss Site Launches

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I finally launched a MySpace site for my artwork,
I hired Pearse Street to design my site. Pearse Street is a super hot web design firm, everyone is trying to get these girls to design their page. Check out their portfolio if your looking for a well designed site.