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$1,000 CPM For Your Buyer Traffic

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This is hard to believe, but it’s true.

You can get paid $1-$2 CPM all day everywhere. If you have a super specific niche site with huge traffic, you could get $15-$20 CPM, which is really high…. BUT can you get $1,000 CPM for your traffic?

Well, I can get you $1,000 CPM.

I am running an up sell banner on thank you pages for a whopping $1,000 CPM.

You can run this on your thank you pages and make an extra $1,000 CPM.

The banner placement example is attached for an ACAI contact. You’ll notice the ‘gift card’ banner. Or you can order from and see it live.

Placement above the fold, US ONLY.

Runs on buyer thank you pages ONLY.

Payout: $1,000 cpm net (yes, impression based payout)

Credit card encrypted query ONLY after Consumer opts in to offer and enters their email address.

Interested? Then email me gil At gilortega DOT net

The Canada Marketing Summit

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I’ll be speaking at The Canada Marketing Summit. If you own your own business, or if you are looking to start your own business and need to make more money in 2009, clear your schedule for four days in March, because the Canada Marketing Summit is the #1 training event for entrepreneurs to attend this year! CLICK HERE