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The IAB’s push for “great creative” over “performance based” advertising.

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Here are a couple articles written earlier this year about performance based marketing. These articles shed light on the battle over short term ROI based campaigns verse longer term branding campaigns. When you think about great creative over performance based advertising, you might say, “why not have both”. Well, in a tuff economy, traditional media budgets are considering a larger shift to the internet. When you scope the interactive media landscape, you find performance based campaigns have been king.

The IAB came out with a strange position (Read it) and Jeff Sexton had bit of a harsh, yet realistic take on the IAB’s position (Read it)

As a direct response marketer, I of course promote a performance based mindset. Even though I do understand the IAB’s position, I don’t agree with them, but I do understand why they are twisted on this concept. You can’t force an interruption-based model of branding to a permission-and-participation-based medium. Traditional media with their big budgets should “get it”, but they don’t. 

Right now is the best time to be in the performance based marketing industry. I hope you get that.