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My Lead Gen Crystal Ball… AdCenter Rocks!

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My Lead Generation Crystal Ball …

Guaranteed, AdCenter is the new solution for Network Marketers.

Why? Google Search & Facebook doesn’t  work to promote Network Marketing Offers.


Brand New and for the first time…

We are making available the suite of AdCenter tools we use to set-up our super effective managed ppc accounts. I have made a very special, limited time offer so you can try them for only $1 right now.

The Done For You Managed AdCenter Accounts we run cost $79 monthly, i.e. L.G.F. If your looking for the totally hands-free approach to the AdCenter system, then the L.G.F. system is for you.

If you have a tighter budget or just like the hands on approach, AdCenterPlus is the ticket.

My crystal ball prediction, the slap from Google & Facebook to all networkers and biz-opp affiliate marketers is creating a forced rush to AdCenter the #2 otpion. If your spending money with AdCenter, I’m willing to bet you’ll also change your homepage or daily search activity. This means potentially hundreds of thousands of small business owners are going to start to use MSN/Yahoo/Bing on a daily basis for their daily searches. Hmm, will this be the end of Google? No, however, it will ultimately allow for an increase in overall search market share.

Comparing the overall search engine market, reported recently just how much market share Microsoft sites have gained in the last year–mostly from Google:

  • Microsoft grew by 75 percent, jumping to 17 percent market share.
  • Google lost almost 16 percent, dropping to 63.6 percent market share.
  • Personally, I’m just super happy to have a solid, affordable lead source right now. My guess is, this gravy train won’t last as long as the Google train did. I say, get in while it’s good, AdCenter is the ticket right now. Don’t wait on the sidelines, get in the game with AdCenter.

    To Your Success,

    Gil Ortega


    The LeadPimp Is Back…

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    $5 Custom Videos From Fiverr – Can Increase Campaign Conversion?

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    My Interview with Successful Thinkers

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    If Done Right… You Can Promote Biz-Opp Offers On Facebook

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    I just uploaded a new video course your going to love, 11 videos covering how to make money right now using Facebook Ads.

    I want to show you how to promote biz-opp/making money offers on Facebook.

    These strategies use Facebook Ads directly, not another platform.

    See, you can’t promote biz-opp/money making offers inside Facebook Ads.

    If you want to see howyou CAN do it, click the link and sign-up now.

    btw… I also just uploaded a 50+ page course on how to become a social media manager, you’ll love it too.


    Gil Ortega


    PPC Leads On Demand For Network Marketers with Underdog

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