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Very Cool Gadget

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Sphero: iPhone Controlled Robotic Ball – CES 2012

Sphero is a robotic ball that you control from your iPhone. When you play games with it, you’re playing in both the virtual and real world at the same time. ———– Get the most CES 2012 coverage in one spot – see it ALL on Rev3Tech!….

You Can Make It Happen

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Visalus by the Numbers…

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Great shot of the numbers… Now consider this, Visalus is the ONLY company on that list that has revenue exclusively from North America. The other companies on the list are selling all over the world,


Herbalife is in over 80 countries. Imagine the growth curve when we open up new countries. And better yet, I’m really good a generating leads in other countries 🙂

Do You Have The Gift of Seeing The Golden Goose?

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Chances are, if you’re not a good sales person, you work for someone who is. The world works when people buy stuff. People love to buy stuff. However, people do not like to be sold stuff. And most people hate trying to sell stuff, because they’re not good at it. Effective marketing drives sales so people buy stuff and they don’t feel like they’re being sold. Everyone says they have a “system” that does the selling… hmmm, how can you tell?

I have good friends/family who struggle to market products and services because like anything else they need to have the proper marketing to drive sales. Personally, I’ve always marketed continuity products that already have a strong demand. There is a big difference between marketing and sales. I personally work with peeps who can’t sell well at all, however they are damm good marketers and they make bank. In the world of proven turn-key marketing funnels that produce sales over and over, again, I wish there was a way to prove “possession” of such a system. Like anything, it’s always just a numbers game. Truth is, most people could stare in the face of the Golden Goose Marketing System and not be able to tell the difference from a waste of time. The ability to see the opportunity sitting right in front of you is sometimes the true gift. Getting paid monthly for work that I did months ago or better yet, work that others did months ago is great for your income. Leverage multiplied with a system that does the heavy lifting is just about the best thing in the world.

Everyone in the world says they have the best home-based business world, the “system”. How can you tell? Well, it helps when there is a public company with public documentation. Follow the traffic to the money, cause success leaves clues.

When someone starts a home-based business, people have the opportunity to instantly start paying about $5k less in taxes per year with very basic deductions. It’s beyond me why everyone doesn’t start a home business, go figure. Logic, I wonder where it’s hiding at times.