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Does A Corporate MLM Company Own The Relationships You Have With Your Family & Friends?

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Yes. You might need to tell your Mom that she can’t work with you in your new business. There are countless examples of Deals, good and bad, failures provide lessons for what not to do. Successes provide insight to avenues to model. The structure of these Deals guide the path to where they end up. Decisions Distributors make in advance, before getting involved with any particular company will ultimately dictate if the exit they have is favorable or not. This books should provide the path to guiding a favorable exit to the Distributor, as they get in and out of various MLM Companies over their career.

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MLM UNLOCKED – The Secret Deals The Top 1% Of Leaders Get For 100% Success

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I’ve announced the new book I’m writing. Some say it’s provocative and controversial. It might be, we’ll see.

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The Malibu Mastermind with Kevin Harrington Launching

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This is NOT Marketing…

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