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Access vs Ownership

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Think of the AirBnB business model vs Hilton. The big idea of affordable access vs owning and maintaining a mass of properties. Then look at this infographic and consider the same idea.
Do you see it?

The end of capitalism has begun

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I highly recommend you read this article: As a Free-Market Guy, I gotta say, this is one of the most interesting articles I’ve read in years. The author, Paul Mason is a Socialists who has correlated what could, most likely, be our global economic and political trajectory by clearly understanding our history and digital future.

This quote stood out for me,

“A study for the SAS Institute in 2013 found that, in order to put a value on data, neither the cost of gathering it, nor the market value or the future income from it could be adequately calculated. Only through a form of accounting that included non-economic benefits, and risks, could companies actually explain to their shareholders what their data was really worth. Something is broken in the logic we use to value the most important thing in the modern world.”

From my perspective, dealing inside big data and machine learning, it’s hard not to see the writing on the wall.

As Americans, we  are uniquely bestowed with our individual liberties by the greatest document in the world, The Constitution. No other Country has what we’re so lucky to have. The era of individual liberties in America will be seen as the Golden Years of Freedom. It’s just a matter of time before the technological shift makes us all a version of the Borg or in the Matrix as some say we already are. Whatever analogy you want to use, the trajectory is set.

What irks me is when I see geniuses like Stephen Hawking say, “Without a world government technology will destroy us”. Which is ridiculous. Why? Because most, not all, far from all, of the world’s sane, reasoned Adults know we cannot count on Politicians and Government Bureaucrats to be the saviors of much of anything except their own special interest.

It’s best to simply enjoy the ride with your eyes open and to be the change we hope for.


Free Tools Help Lead Flow

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After you’ve bought and watched all the Goo-roo how to videos on how to get more traffic and generate more leads
– when it boils down…

You’ll still need to implement & execute.

These simple, free tools help me run my businesses and they can connect the missing ingredient to your success in learning, launching, or scaling lead generation campaigns.

Implementation & execution require solid documentation and accountability.

Without it, all the goo-roo videos in the world are worthless.

More leads = More Income

Are you ready for more?

Gil Ortega

Theses simple, free tools will help me, help you, start generating more leads.

Chances Are You’re Doing All Your Retargeting Wrong

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Retargeting done right
First, let me say, if you’re not following Justin, get on his list. I’ve spent good time hanging out in Masterminds with Justin when he worked with Russell Brunson. Trust me, he knows his way around digital marketing.

In this post, Justin reveals a strategy and logic for a time delayed retargeting pixel firing. I think it’s really smart. Anytime you can create a new layer of “interests” segmentation, you’re increasing the quality of your target marketing.

The moment I read Justin’s strategy, it made me think of how Advertisers pay for lead campaigns within pay per call offers. Advertisers want at least 2-3 minutes on the phone with the prospect before that agree to pay for the lead. Justin is suggesting a certain amount of time to qualify the traffic before you fire a pixel for retargeting. I think this is smart to do. The additional segmentation makes your refined list far more valuable to your offer/funnel.

That being said, I tend to always think like a lead company or an Agency who deals with many similar clients within the same vertical (Industry). I believe there is potentially tremendous value in the retargeting pixels of all the traffic that bounced from the page early. Why? Because I think like a lead company, and I’m willing to bet there’s another similar offer that would be a good match for that person.

Consider a few other things about the current state of retargeting...

Buying specific audience access to retargeting data is only semi expensive on the front end when done through a private trading desk. It's way more expensive via any retail RTB system and crazy expensive targeting back out to that same data pool, even though you already purchased access to it - It's easy to see super negative ROIs through retail RTB systems. I recommend marketers use a white label trade desk. I’m not here to promote any particular platform; I’m simply suggesting the cost saving in buying data direct is substantial.

Smart targeting is all about segmenting. Qualify and segment for a specific offer.

Thinking like a lead company, you paid X to get traffic to a page, maximizing multiple monetization strategies is the focus. Because if your ads ended up costing you zero, how many ads could you buy? ROI++.

Similar offers, could be the right offer, to all the other traffic that bounced. Could be, or maybe not, but you don't know unless you test.

Think about evergreen verticals, like diet and biz-opp... others too. The demographic, psychographic and behavioral targeting layered with the relevant timing of someone looking for a solution IS the right ad at the right time. My point is, there's gold in the total universe of a retargeting data pool, not just the ones who stay on your site for a certain amount of time.

Lawyers Love Data and Targeting
A friend with a proprietary trading desk can do IP targeting based on a physical address. Each morning his Attorney clients send their secretary down to the County Clerks Office to get the public list of people who got a DUI the day before. 

By the time the sorry sucker sobers up in front of their computer, a fully loaded (lil’ pun) campaign is live and will be on everything website visited for a week.

I can tell you for certain a timed delay retargeting pixel is not a right strategy for this sad puppy.

The same thing might be said for the payday loan vertical, which on average, once someone becomes a first time payday loan user, the LTV is about 7-8 more payday loans.

That’s my 2 cents.

You can see how I'm capturing and retargeting all the targeted data and creating a network for the biz-opp vertical.


I read a post today from Justin Brooke of titled, “Everyone Is Doing Retargeting Wrong…”  
Worth the read…

Just When You Thought The Beach Was Safe – Drones With Banners Attack… Each Other

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Coming To A Beach Near You
I foresee a new Ad Unit coming to a beach near you... 

Replacing the clunky banner towing Biplane, we have Drones dragging banners.

Imagine dozens of Drones dragging banners over your head at the beach, all fighting each other, for your eyeballs. I have a feeling it’s coming…

Then of course, someone will figure out how to drag a digital banner, allowing for the ad inventory to be available through your friendly Real Time Bidding Platform.

Whoever, builds the GPS air traffic control App for these Drones might have a new Ad Network on their hands 🙂 

More Leads = More Income

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Questions & Answers About Leads
Hi Gil,

I wanted to take a moment to really thank you.

That formula that you taught in those 2 free videos you give on your site, I used a variation of that info to start reselling clicks from a super affiliate's email list.

I've been doing that for a few months now, and it's hands down the fastest, simplest, most reliable and consistent income I have EVER made as an entrepreneur, and it's all mostly because of your lead gen training you gave in LeadSchool, and in those 2 free vids.

My plan is working. I started out by reselling clicks to basically create cashflow out of thin air so I could then use those funds to focus on your formula since I'll need advertising money to pay for the solo ads/sponsorship ads within the emails.

That way, I'm building purely out of profit and not out of pocket.

I'm having one sticking point though, and it's not covered in detail in any of your videos.

Where exactly do you find the advertisers, and how do you approach them?

I can Paypal you the money right away if you could just create a quick step-by-step video walkthrough on how to specifically and systematically go about finding advertisers who are hungry to buy leads now.

Or is this something that you already cover here:

I know I could just use CPA offers from a CPA Network, but I'm part of Peerfly and they do not allow email traffic on any of their offers, and I prefer to work with advertisers directly anyhow.

Thanks again for everything!  Zayne
Join Malibu Mastermind For $49 And Get My $97 Monthly Private Membership As A BonusZaynes Question:Audio Transcript
Audio Transcript
Ok, I got this question back from Zayne, up in Canada, who went through LeadSchool, aah, went through a couple videos, some of the free videos that I was sharing and talking about a strategy on how to a essentially create – like what my motto is - something from nothing. Aah, so, so it’s really how to leverage some body else’s asset. That’s the key right – so

Like a list and some else's lead flow so what he did was he went to a super affiliate who was building a big list - who wasn't monetizing that list in a way where they were bringing advertisers solo ad advertisers and he hit him up -asked him - hey can I bring, can I sell t clicks - are you willing to sell me clicks on your list and I'll go sell the clicks you know for you - I'll bring the business to you - pretty pretty straight forward approach and this is working for him and it's it it's very much part of like what I what I say thinking like a lead company you know you you create your opportunities - cause there all around you just need to spot them and lead generation opportunities to create lead deals are literally everywhere. So if you need to make some fast cash some long-term cash, the lead business is evergreen. Leads are the lifeblood of every business.

So I'm a get to the question the main question that he asked me about it I'm so glad that this method is working for Zayne here on the blog post you can see his comment more that he elaborated on but his question was like where do I get more advertisers where can I find more advertisers to sell clicks to?

I'm a give you an old-school method that always works this this goes back to the early to mid 90s when I was just learning marketing and I started my first lead company in 1995 and there was no Internet I wasn't on the Internet even know what the Internet was.

But what I did because I had telemarketing lead business and I needed to find advertisers what I did was I paid to get on mailing lists I paid to put my name and address my physical home address on mailing list.

What that did was give me a lot of mail each and every day somebody that some mailing spending money and I would literally get about a pound of mail every single day from people who are trying to sell me stuff. Aah business opportunities, you name it, franchises and systems always different things - I would get on a list of people selling opportunities - they sent me stuf, I can see what they were mailing they're looking for customers they're looking for leads - what I would do is call them - every day I had a new list of people to get in touch with -

I would hunt them down and say hey let my call-center do leads for you and we would - that so that's how I got advertisers - so okay how do we apply this to the Internet age well there's a couple different ways - specifically if you're looking for solo ad advertisers - right - if you need more people who already buying what you have go there -

So there's directories you can find solo ad providers - right - guys that sell just like what you're doing - so what you want to do it go get on their list and you want to track who sending what - so if you can try to have a few different sometimes maybe make - aah- you know if you have a Cpanel or some access -

If you're a little to techie you can you can make a unique e-mail address for every single time you're subscribing to a list and so you can track that way or you can just have a couple different e-mail addresses that you're getting all of this junk mail junk people try to sell you stuff -

You don't want this in your inbox that you're aah trying to get your personal stuff cause your going to get a lot of mail -

but here's the thing these people that are sending you stuff, are people buying access to that List - buying Solo Ads.

Another thing - if - that's a free - create money out of nothing from there - all you gotta do is just get in touch with them and do your sales pitch - it's always myself right inside yourself to these people that are already paying for clicks - okay

Another way - a piece of software call SpyFu - SpyFu awesome freaking software - it's insane it's and what it does is it shows you people who are advertising in Google - it's not too expensive, it's like $70 bucks or something like- a month - and hey, if you're making money and it's making you money - it's a great expense - so

What it does is it shows you the ads of people who are running and Google AdWords and it will also show you their budget approximation of their budget on a daily basis -

Follow the money - that's basically when you're looking for advertisers follow the budget
So in your keyword or in the market that you're that you got the list to sell clicks - whoever you're selling a list - clicks on their list - whatever their target market is - do a comparable search inside SpyFu and you're good to go - You're going to find endless people who spend a lot of money in whatever niche on SpyFu and Google AdWords -

Okay so it's not as good as the first approach - aah - because these are peopls - in the first approach people spending money on Solo Ad clicks - so these other advertisers spending money on Google Adwords - there spending money on Online Advertising - so they're still good - but you want to try to always match apples to apples - right - cause you get the best bang for when your approach is relative -

Another area, of course and this just goes to a much broader advertising search - is AdBeat and WhatRunsWhere - now typically unless I'm running on a regular basis for a particular new market - or if I'm always bringing on a new market which isn't the case for me personally - I don't always subscribe to these services - cause they're a little bit expensive $400-$500 bucks a month - if I have a new market and bring it on I definitely subscribe for at least a month - to see the players - who they're buying - the expense is so well worth it for either -

And I my preferences AdBeat, so either AdBeat or WhatRunWhere for basic networking much larger media buys outside of Google and and then Facebook - there's a few different tools I recently been using SpyPerfection - you can see ads running inside Facebook and you know - you want to follow the money in your market - that's the thing so if you have questions I'd love to answer just put response below and I'll be seeing you soon -
bye for now -

MLM Unlocked – The Secret Deals The Top 1% Of Leaders Get For 100% Success

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The next time someone asks you to join their MLM... Ask them, whats the Deal?
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I dont join MLMs, they join me.                            Gil Ortega

A Super Smart, Affordable Link Tracking System

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Start Generating More Leads Across All Your Marketing Channels

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This guide offers a great look at lead generation across many different marketing channels.

Personal Branding is the unique wrapping around you…

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