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MLM Unlocked – The Secret Deals The Top 1% Of Leaders Get For 100% Success

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The next time someone asks you to join their MLM... Ask them, whats the Deal?
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I dont join MLMs, they join me.                            Gil Ortega

Breaking MLM News: Herbalife Kills 98% of All Internet Marketing Tool Companies

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I like Troy Dooly, he makes some good points about the future of lead generation in MLM, Network Marketing in this post. Many of you know my history in dealing with Herbalife, I can say I saw this coming back in 2006, a year before I sold my lead company. I was a little early of course, however, it happen… check out the video, the post has some great insight.

My 2012 News, Views, and The 2013 New Year

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Did 2012 go by really fast or what? It sure seemed like it did, it was a fun, super busy year for sure. At the beginning of 2012, I was consulting for a non-network marketing diet product line; and in January 2012 I was completing my first month in Visalus. When I joined, Visalus was breaking $30 million per month. Now, we’re breaking $80 million per month, amazing.

The last thing in the world I thought I’d be doing was joining a network marketing company. My motto has always been, I don’t join mlm companies, they join me. However, I just couldn’t ignore the numbers. Let me just say a huge thank you to Tim Sharif, my Visalus sponsor, it’s been a great year. You might have heard me say, “Visalus is my Herbalife”. I’ve said this because ever since I sold my lead company that serviced Herbalife reps (2007), I’ve always wanted to build a similar system and campaign to what I built for my past Herbalife clients. Except, I wanted to build a whole new “machine” for my own group inside a better company. Bottom line, I didn’t want to be just a lead vendor any more.

I truly believe Visalus will become huge globally. Personally, I was shocked I achieved the rank of One Star Ambassador by April 2012, as I was totally part-part-time and had only sponsored 7 people – total. When we launched our brand new marketing system (RocketPowerLine – RPL) in late August 2012, everything changed. My first month with the new system I sponsored 53 new people. Plus, launching this system was a game changer for me personally. I didn’t realize it at the time, however; after building this system, I quickly realized the massive demand for tons of traffic. Duh! Getting tons of traffic required me to contact all my old biz-opp publishers. Producing traffic and lead deals with many of my old publishers sparked a whole new, familiar activity. All of a sudden, it seemed like I was back in the lead business. My intent was to only supply traffic for my system, RPL, yet somehow I got pulled back into the biz. I’ve been getting calls every week about providing traffic and leads to other systems and leaders. For years I pushed most new lead and system business away. And having a successful marketing system tied into call centers as we’ve done; it has created numerous requests for similar system development deals. I love building marketing systems.
As it turns out, I am now totally back into the leads and custom system business.  MyClickAgent is live and delivering custom leads to a system near you.

As super fantastic a year this has been, 2012 is going out with a big bang. The kinda bang the Mayan’s would say, “dammm that’s big”. One of the biggest shockers this year, in a not so good way, happened last week, December 20th, 2012. A billionaire, who might have an axe to grind with network marketing in general, invested 2 years of research and a ton of cash (millions), released a 3-hour presentation all about Herbalife.

In an attempt to explain why this will matter in the New Year, I will try to say less than more about this 3-hour video, as the video is very informative and well put together. If you’re into network marketing, you’ll want to watch it. This video builds a case that Herbalife is supposedly a pyramid scheme, because the main emphasis of promotion is the opportunity to make money and not the product line. There is a good chance that the FTC and or the SEC will change the way network-marketing companies can operate in the years to come because of this investigation. Considering that our current political landscape is less than business friendly, I’d say there is room for concern. Bill the billionaire is a very smart guy. I read he made $300 million shorting Herbalife stock. The money he says is going to his charity, which is a very slick move. Herbalife’s stock fell almost 50%, Nuskin’s stock fell 25%, USANA’s stock fell 21% and I saw a few other network-marketing companies mentioned in a follow-up Forbes article about the Siege on Herbalife.
One of those companies was Visalus. Huh? Yep. Even though Visalus is different than Herbalife in so many good ways, it’s mentioned. People who know better don’t see Visalus as an Herbalife type of company. If you’re involved with Visalus, then you know the main focus is all about the great product line. The Visalus product sells with a solid demand and a focus on product means Challenge Parties. If you’re involved with Visalus and your main focus is not Challenge Parties, then you should be concerned, I am. At this point, maybe it’s not a good thing for me to state that I want Visalus to be my Herbalife. In 2013, I’m sure we’ll see how everything plays out.

Even though I think the 2013 economy will take a deeper dive into the porcelain throne, believe it or not, I am very optimistic about future business endeavors. The Network Marketing Industry is resilient, we will see many great years ahead. In addition, my endeavors outside of the leads business and network marketing industry have become very interesting. Because I have some really solid business partners there as well. On January 6th, 2013 MyVids is going live. We’ve just made doing business on Facebook a whole lot easier. And sometime in 2013, I’ll be launching Quizrr too. I think Quizrr will be the coolest new business model I’ve ever been part of and I can hardly wait to share the details with everyone. Once again, because I have a super solid team of business partners I am able to spread myself thin enough to actually fulfill my obsessive desire to be a part of way too many cool business ventures. Yes, there are more businesses I’m not mentioning, but of course, there always is.

Let’s toast to a prosperous and Happy New Year. – Gil Ortega