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The Canada Marketing Summit

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I’ll be speaking at The Canada Marketing Summit. If you own your own business, or if you are looking to start your own business and need to make more money in 2009, clear your schedule for four days in March, because the Canada Marketing Summit is the #1 training event for entrepreneurs to attend this year! CLICK HERE

My Own Private Idaho

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When you think of world internet marketing hubs, you normally don’t think of Boise Idaho. Well, think again, cause for three days in September, Boise Idaho, or rather Russell Brunson of Boise Idaho, produced a seminar that attracted many great internet marketers. On September 6th – 8th I attended this seminar, which was my first internet marketing seminar ever. Please keep in mind, I don’t mean it was my first internet marketing seminar in this particular Idaho location, I mean, I’ve never been to an internet marketing seminar anywhere. You might think I’ve gone to these types of events for some time now if you know about my internet marketing background or if you know of Leads to Wealth, the lead generation company I founded. Well, it’s not the case, I’m a total internet marketing seminar newbie. I must say, I had a great experience at this event. There were several attendees that had been to other events, who told me this particular event was full of substance and not just a pitch fest like so many other seminars.

The cool thing was, I didn’t pay to attend the event, it was totally FREE. In later posts, I’ll talk about my experience at this event. For now, I’d like to focus this post on a great strategy which was used to sell the home study course I purchased called The 7 Figure Code and the way I ended up in Boise Idaho.

In early July, a week before the launch of The 7 Figure Code, by Mike Filsaime, I got several emails from various marketers telling me about The 7 Figure Code, and asking me to buy it from their affiliate link. The 7 Figure Code is a 16 DVD set of a live seminar that people paid $5000 to attend.

Then, I got this one short email from this guy Russell Brunson stating in simple terms, “I’m selling my business” along with a very short explanation of how successful he has been with his business and a link pointing to his blog for the rest of the offer/story. This is the link to his blog with the offer/story;
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After reading this I was compelled to make an effort to be one of the 20 buyers at midnight. My thought process was like many, I’m thinking this kid is hitting a home run on the internet and he is giving away not selling, his total business blueprint, his complete vendor list and multiple days worth of private, in person, one to one meeting time with all of his staff in Idaho… OK SIGN ME UP! All I had to do was buy a 16 DVD home study course for $450, buy a $150 plane ticket with an $80 a night hotel stay. In my opinion this was a easy decision. Even before I got Russell’s offer, I was considering the purchase from another affiliate marketer with a less attractive offer. My biggest concern was that I would not be one of the first 20 buyers or that my schedule would conflict with the date in Idaho.

I was successful in buying The 7 Figure Code. Although, it was more than few days before I received an email from Russell Brunson’s office. They said there was a larger turn out at midnight than expected. Apparently, Russell was going to open the offer to more than 20 people. He was asking each of the 20+ buyers to confirm their attendance in Idaho by sending into his office their flight itinerary within a certain cut off date. This strategy gave Russell a solid idea of how many attendees he would have in Boise Idaho. From this point, he went into overdrive planning and booking the event. As it turned out, there were around 80-100 people at this event. I heard Russell sold somewhere in the neighborhood of 250 home study courses of The 7 Figure Code. The standard 50% commission for affiliates is what I’m guessing he brought in. You do the math. Now keep in mind, even though this wasn’t a pitch fest, you can bet there was product being sold after each guru spoke. And you can bet Russell was getting a piece of the action, cause that’s how it works. (Yes, I love the idea too) I’ll talk about the guru line-up in future posts. This whole scenario keeps getting better and better. First of all, The 7 Figure Code set of 16 DVDs is a solid product and totally worth the money on it’s own. Russell made a good move promoting it and made some good cash. The successful FREE seminar also made Russell look good within the industry, established significant goodwill and created multiple profit centers. The seminar was also video taped and I’m sure it will be packaged as a home study course in the near future. Once again, creating another opportunity for multiple profit centers. I must say, my first internet marketing seminar was extremely eye opening. I met so many good people and I truly look forward to future events. Way to go Russell, Thanks.