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Chances Are You’re Doing All Your Retargeting Wrong

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Retargeting done right
First, let me say, if you’re not following Justin, get on his list. I’ve spent good time hanging out in Masterminds with Justin when he worked with Russell Brunson. Trust me, he knows his way around digital marketing.

In this post, Justin reveals a strategy and logic for a time delayed retargeting pixel firing. I think it’s really smart. Anytime you can create a new layer of “interests” segmentation, you’re increasing the quality of your target marketing.

The moment I read Justin’s strategy, it made me think of how Advertisers pay for lead campaigns within pay per call offers. Advertisers want at least 2-3 minutes on the phone with the prospect before that agree to pay for the lead. Justin is suggesting a certain amount of time to qualify the traffic before you fire a pixel for retargeting. I think this is smart to do. The additional segmentation makes your refined list far more valuable to your offer/funnel.

That being said, I tend to always think like a lead company or an Agency who deals with many similar clients within the same vertical (Industry). I believe there is potentially tremendous value in the retargeting pixels of all the traffic that bounced from the page early. Why? Because I think like a lead company, and I’m willing to bet there’s another similar offer that would be a good match for that person.

Consider a few other things about the current state of retargeting...

Buying specific audience access to retargeting data is only semi expensive on the front end when done through a private trading desk. It's way more expensive via any retail RTB system and crazy expensive targeting back out to that same data pool, even though you already purchased access to it - It's easy to see super negative ROIs through retail RTB systems. I recommend marketers use a white label trade desk. I’m not here to promote any particular platform; I’m simply suggesting the cost saving in buying data direct is substantial.

Smart targeting is all about segmenting. Qualify and segment for a specific offer.

Thinking like a lead company, you paid X to get traffic to a page, maximizing multiple monetization strategies is the focus. Because if your ads ended up costing you zero, how many ads could you buy? ROI++.

Similar offers, could be the right offer, to all the other traffic that bounced. Could be, or maybe not, but you don't know unless you test.

Think about evergreen verticals, like diet and biz-opp... others too. The demographic, psychographic and behavioral targeting layered with the relevant timing of someone looking for a solution IS the right ad at the right time. My point is, there's gold in the total universe of a retargeting data pool, not just the ones who stay on your site for a certain amount of time.

Lawyers Love Data and Targeting
A friend with a proprietary trading desk can do IP targeting based on a physical address. Each morning his Attorney clients send their secretary down to the County Clerks Office to get the public list of people who got a DUI the day before. 

By the time the sorry sucker sobers up in front of their computer, a fully loaded (lil’ pun) campaign is live and will be on everything website visited for a week.

I can tell you for certain a timed delay retargeting pixel is not a right strategy for this sad puppy.

The same thing might be said for the payday loan vertical, which on average, once someone becomes a first time payday loan user, the LTV is about 7-8 more payday loans.

That’s my 2 cents.

You can see how I'm capturing and retargeting all the targeted data and creating a network for the biz-opp vertical.


I read a post today from Justin Brooke of titled, “Everyone Is Doing Retargeting Wrong…”  
Worth the read…